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Make climbing an adventure and turn your customers into action heroes. The Climbing Buzzer is a Volume with an integrated camera. Together with the push-button you can mount it anywhere on the wall. When the push-button is activated it snaps a picture and includes your logo.
The pictures are automatically saved in the cloud and are accessible as a photo gallery which can easily be incorporated in to your existing website. You can also resell the pictures to your customers.

Your advantage

  • A novel attraction for your climbing gym that attracts new customers
  • You can show the pictures on your website
  • You can resell the shots to your customers
  • Very low-maintenance
Climbing Buzzer
  • Climbing Volume with an integrated 8MP camera
  • With a 180° Fisheye Lense
  • Photographic images in 720p (1280x720 pixel)
  • 2 sec. videos in PAL (720x576 pixel)
  • Size of the Volume: 45x45x20cm
  • Weight of the voulme: 2kg
  • High quality and robust Giovenzana push-button to activate the camera
  • Size of the push-button: 8,5x8,5x7 cm
  • Weight of the push-button: 179g
  • 2m connecting cable between camera and push-button
  • Please note that access to the pictures is only possible in combination with the Hosting Service
  • Automatic transfer and storage of all images in the cloud
  • Safe and protected access
  • Easy incorporation of the photo-gallery into your website
  • Displays the last 1000 pictures in the photo-gallery
  • 2000 pictures per weak included
  • Each additional picture for only 0,1cent
  • Your logo is automatically added to all shots
  • Resell the shots to your customers
Hosting Upgrade
  • Show videos in addition to photos in your gallery
  • Get higher quality images (photos 1080p, videos 720p)
  • Show 100 additional images in the photo-gallery

1. activate push-button

After receipt of the Climbing Buzzer you can activate it on our website. Once activated all shots made by the climbing buzzer will be automatically uploaded into your secure account.

2. Incorporate into your website

Once you have activated the Climbing Buzzer you can access the photo-gallery. It can easily be incorporated into your website so your customers can see the photos.

3. Wall-mount

The Climbing Buzzer can be mounted the same way as any climbing Volume, please note that it must be connected to power and internet via cable.

4. Take a Shot!

Go ahead! Once your customers push the Climbing Buzzer their action shots appear on your website.

Send us your reservation request containng your phone number and the number of units you would like to have at and get your early bird discount.

We will contact you with a possible delivery date and any additional information on how to order your Climbing Buzzer.

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